Fitzroy Music

Fitzroy are

  • Tim Finch - Drums
  • Dan Gibson - Bass and Electronics
  • Alex Kaupa - Guitar
  • Natalie Hall-Jones - Vocals

Fitzroy started in 2001 when Dan met Natalie.  The first tracks were a combination of Dan's programming and Natalie's lush vocals and we played a couple of gigs around London Bridge.  Alex joined the band on guitar after around a year and we continued as a trio with the laptop providing the drums.  Then there was the fateful gig at the White Horse when Dan forgot to pack the laptop.  What followed was a "rabbit out of the hat" gig with a local drummer who happened to be in the audience and just "went with it".  Shortly after Tim joined the band on drums.

We had a good run of gigs and wrote about an album and a half before we finally split in 2007.  Some of the music we wrote is available on the player.

Fitzroy Music

Back Home

This was a pretty early track written in 2002 just after Alex had joined the band.  Tim added his awesome drummer later but sadly we didn't get a recording of this.  Originally written using Buzz and Cool Edit Pro Dan re-mastered using Buzz and Ableton in 2017.


Another early track with Dan still on the guitar!  Great fun to play we often used to open with this on our early sets.  A few years later Dan recorded the acoustic version on his trusty 12 string.  The song covers basic nudity and the wish to be in the limelight!

New London

A stark song about the digital era.  Surprisingly we had quite a laugh recording this since the only muted trumpet synth Dan could play while Natalie was recording the vocals sounded like a toy parper.

I Have No Rights

We wrote this in 2006 with Tim on drums.  Dan was experimenting with bass chords and it came out of a jam session.  Tim forced us to do the stab and solo session (under duress - really!).  The problem we had at gig was that the false end lasts slightly too long and people would start clapping before we jumped in with the end of the song!

Due to geographical difficulties Fitzroy are not active at the moment but we hope you enjoy the music here and may meet in the future for some more musical adventures.