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Red Antennae all started in Cambridge back in 1999. Dan needed an outlet for the electronic/funk crossover he was working on at the time.

There have always been a strong line of collaborators in the Red Antennae project. Chandrika Nath, now a member of the lovely band Sunday Driver sung on some of the early tracks. More recently Dan has been involved in some remix work for them. Seb Lessware and Rob Newton, a veteran Berlin DJ, worked on some of the early tracks adding sampling skills. Later Dan worked with Brixton based rapper "Papa G" producing a sly organic rap track.

Natalie O'Neill joined Red Antennae in the summer 2000 adding her beautiful soulful vocals to the music Dan was writing. Alex Kaupa and Tim Finch joined in 2002 to form the band Fitzroy. Fitzroy is now sadly all but a memory although you can still listen to some of the music on the Fitzroy page.

Dan started working with singer/songwriter Andrew Campbell forming the band Easytone back in 2001. Andrew plays in and around London. He has an excellent voice and beautiful music sense. The music Dan and Andrew have been producing together has been fairly relaxed downbeat dub/reggae.

The studio setup revolves mainly around Ableton Live these days. Dan's also a huge fan of Universal Audio and Native Instruments. There's still a place in the software arsenal for the fantastic Jeskola Buzz. Hardware-wise there is a Korg MS2000, an old favourite for making electronic nonsense. Then there's a variety of other modules including an Roland SC-D70, Korg Wavestation SR and a Boss VF1. In the organic corner there's a lovely Yamaha SC1000 guitar, a couple of acoustic guitars and a bass. Oh and a didg just for good throbbing anti-hangover noises.

Dan has always been fairly diverse with musical styles so there are a couple of Dan-bands. iBug is the main project but he had a lot of fun with the other bits and pieces. Bendy Djays is a sort of dance project. The real mellow stuff went into the Whitespaces project. Then there's some Drum and Bass in the guise of Adrenaline Junkie.

We all really hope you enjoy the music.

Red Antennae is based in London.

Dan Gibson

Dan has been writing, producing and playing for around fifteen years now. He has performed with a number of different bands over the past four years on a number of different instruments. He's most comfortable with a bass or guitar hanging around his neck but will also play keys and drums. Even the didgeridoo when pushed (actually - not really pushed all that hard).

It all started on the humble Amiga using Soundtracker. Now he has migrated to the PC using Buzz Ableton Live. "Technology is moving at a blistering pace. Although it's good to play with new toys it's still possible to make fantastic sounds with pretty much anything."

Andrew Campbell

Andrew has been playing guitar, keyboard and singing in various groups in and around London. He has been writing composing and performing for twelve years both for himself and for other people.

His love of music is diverse. Enough to allow him to perform a range of different styles. From blues bands, through dub and reggae to choirs.

He has an inspirational character and loves life.

Natalie Hall-Jones

Natalie has been writing and recording her own songs for years, playing keyboards and saxophone as well as singing. She is from - and still lives in - Reading. She met up with Dan during a spell in London when she worked for Storm Models. She has studied film and TV production and is a qualified aerobics instructor to boot!

She has acted in several stage productions and regularly performs acoustic sets in pubs and bars around Reading.

Alex Kaupa

Alex has gigged and recorded with several different bands over the last ten years and is a truely multi-purpose guitarist, at home both on stage and in the sudio. He is currently playing and touring with White Sunday.

He has also acted, touring the north of England with the "Off The Ground" company's production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" as Bottom.


to everyone really... Especially Monkey Boy Black in Australia - the original insecthead, Seb for samples and logo ideas, Rob Newton for samples, Papa G, Chandy Nath for vocals and letting me mess up her songs (!), Mike Yo for inspiration and odd Rebooosch tea, Natalie, Bryce, Jimmy Jay, Sarah L, Iain H for cool art, The Trimmer, Naomi, Woz and Jimney.

Special Thanks loads of lovin to LM for putting up with all late night recording and musical excitements!