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Buzz Themes

These themes are for use with the genius music software that is Jeskola Buzz. An amazing, free modular music generation package. This software pre-dates Reason which in my opinion is the first commercial music software to offer the same plugable experience as Buzz.

To install them download the zip and decompress them into your buzz themes folder.  By default the themes folder is located in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Jeskola\Buzz\Themes

The themes should work on Buzz version 1500+.  Let me know via the Contact form if you see any problems.


Buzz Theme - iBug Classic 175.06 KB 11 downloads

This theme is based on the original Buzz...

Buzz Theme - Dark Light 275.89 KB 11 downloads

A dark theme based around some graphics I...

Buzz Folder Icon

Since I keep most of my Buzz projects in folders I've also designed a folder icon for Buzz. It comes as a packed ico (so Windows only I guess). Let me know if you would like a png and I'll post one up.

You can change the directory icon on XP through to Windows 10 by:

  1. Downloading this icon and saving it on your disk
  2. Right clicking on a folder and selecting properties
  3. heading to the customise tab and click "change icon"
  4. Selecting the file you saved in the first step

Buzz Folder Icon 9.11 KB 11 downloads

Since I keep most of my Buzz projects in...